WIEDE´S was established in 1903
by Dr. Ing. h.c. Alfred Wiede at the village of Aigenstadl near the town of Freyung / Germany
to produce Calcium Carbide,
which had been a basic pre-product for the chemical industry at that time.

Alfred Wiede´s
interest in gemstones

went back to impulses during his
studies at the world´s oldest mining academy
of Freiberg / Saxony.
So he started up a ruby production in 1913
as an addition to the carbide business.



In the 2nd half of last century
new petrochemical processes
marginalized the Calcium Carbide business
leading to focus R&D on
special Synthetic Corundum Crystals
for various applications to be supplied
worldwide for decades now.

In the late seventies of last century Cubic Zirconia
 - as an almost perfect diamond substitute - 
was added to the  range of synthetic rough crystals.

WIEDE´S tradition as family enterprise for more than one century
is carried on now by the 5th generation.

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